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From the outset, Groundwork has been about people rolling up their sleeves and working together to get things done.

Thirty years later, this founding principle still underpins what we think and what we do. We can change places and change lives but we need your support to make it happen.

Our campaigns offer a focused way of getting on board and working with others to make things better - one green step at a time...

X Marks the Spot

We want to help more 16-24 year olds to make where they live better. How will you make your mark?

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Campaign: show winter who's boss

2/3 of us think there is nothing we can do about energy bills. 6.5 million are living in fuel poverty. Take control and show winter who's boss.

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My Treasured Space

20 million people lack benefits of green space. Together we can fix this. Join our campaign.

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