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Everything you need to get started on working with young people can be found in this section - our handy, how to guides containing practical information and exercises to do within your group, our publications containing the latest research and our learning from past youth programmes, and useful links to resources from our partners organisations.

Working with Young People in Green Spaces: An Introduction

This guide contains all the headline tips from our how to guides below, providing a useful overview to get you started.

Including young people in your organisation

This guide provides you with the rationale behind working with young people and useful self-assessment tool to help you plan an approach to youth engagement

Working with local youth-facing organisations 

This guide provides you with an overview of various local youth-facing organisations, so you can explore who might support your to work with young people, plus a template session plan

Recruiting young volunteers

This guide provides you with a template recruitment timetable, some top tips on engaging young people through social media and useful links to advertise your volunteering opportunities far and wide.

Empowering young volunteers

This guide explored how you can deepen you engagement with young volunteers, including a number of outline session plans for including young people more regularly in your community group meetings and project.

Fundraising with young people

This guide explores how young people enjoy fundraising, provides an introduction to online fundraising, and some useful links to traditional sources of funding for community groups.


Groundwork Publications

Young Green Leaders: Promoting Social Action to Sustain Green Spaces

Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods: 6 Points of Action

Useful Links